Small Medium Australian Labradoodles
Shelby Avenue Sangria "Zoey"

Shelby Avenue Ulysses "Uly"

Sangria and Ulysses have a stunning litter! Gorgeous babies in shades of caramel and a chocolate. These pups will be small mediums, around 30-35 pounds, and have nice non shedding fleece coats. While both of these parents are minis, the pups are trending to be a bit larger than their parents. Mom and dad both have mediums in the pedigree, so these boys must have gotten their bulk from their grandpa on each side! They are solid little rascals, nice and sturdy!

There are puppies available in this litter.

Born 10/10/2017
Ready for homes 12/5/2017



caramel male


Cinnamon Chip

caramel male


caramel male, 25-30 pounds


chocolate male